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View Diary: PLEASE STOP BITING THE NEWBIES! (54 comments)

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  •  ok but (4.00)
    I don't think that really happens that often.  

    I mean, most newbies will watch what's going on for a little bit first, before rating other peoples comments.  otherwise it's just, you know, rude.

    if someone really just walks in & starts giving out 1s, I think they deserve what they get.  a newbie has to be a little respectful & observant about the community they're walking into.

    although it's getting late, you still have plenty of time

    by maracuja on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 05:55:43 AM PST

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    •  Thing is (none)
      You understand how much ratings affect people heres egos already. On most of the net ratings are like candy on halloween and people give them out very freely.

      Check out an AOL discussion board sometime and you'll see what I mean. Ratings are viewed like people here view freeping a poll.

      •  I hand out 4's like a "drunken sailor" (4.00)
        some people would say.  But, it also means that I have taken the time to read through your comments or diaries.

        I love wit and a nice snark, so lots of 4's sometimes for those who keep the humor up around here.  I also leave 4's when I want to bookmark links or thoughts that I want to come back to later.

        And, last but not least, I sometimes leave a 4 if someone is being unfairly attacked.

        <div style="color: #a00000;"> Our... constitutional heritage rebels at the thought of giving government the power to control men's minds. Thurgood Marshal

        by bronte17 on Wed Jan 18, 2006 at 07:37:55 AM PST

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