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View Diary: Insider Trading in Frist and Delay's Office: Story Growing (125 comments)

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    but I can't resist the urge to Google "worrisome words"

    "Everytime a bell rings on Google, a liberal gets a folder"

    The Pentagon office overseeing the program, called the Policy Analysis Market, said it was part of a research effort "to investigate the broadest possible set of new ways to prevent terrorist attacks." It said there would be a re-evaluation before more money was committed.

    The market would work this way. Investors would buy and sell futures contracts essentially a series of predictions about what they believe might happen in the Mideast. Holder of a futures contract that came true would collect the proceeds of investors who put money into the market but predicted wrong.

    •  how about the iowa presidential futures market (none)
      man, i would've lost some money on a certain doctor from vermont if i had played that game in 04.....

      next time i'm siding with power; i'm betting republican.

      you can rearrange my face but you can't rearrange my mind -8.63,-7.28

      by mediaprisoner on Thu Jan 19, 2006 at 04:08:33 PM PST

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