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  •  The Democrats have been excluded from (4.00)
    the wee-hour conference committees. This could be why. The day-trading angle makes sense of it all:

    Senator Conrad's Floor Statement on GOP Budget Conference Report


    Mr. CONRAD.... Our friends on the other side say, well, we are reducing the deficit. In one meeting we had -- in the conference committee Democrats were excluded, absolutely excluded from the negotiations on this budget. Let me repeat that: Democrats were not allowed or permitted to be in the room when these discussions were undertaken.

    Mr. SARBANES. Will the ranking member yield on that point?

    Mr. CONRAD. I am happy to.

    Mr. SARBANES. Would the Senator agree with me that is an outrageous departure from the traditional practice in terms of how conference committees ought to operate? Traditionally, conference committees have met, both parties have been included in the conference committee, debate has taken place, issues have been raised, and decisions made. Now, the majority may impose their decisions because that is how it gets decided, but there is an opportunity to try to shape the debate and have an influence on what is decided. In this instance, the Democratic members of the conference committee were completely excluded, except for one show-and-tell meeting that was held, a pro forma meeting.

    Mr. CONRAD. Required by the rules.

    Mr. SARBANES. Yes. Which had to be done; otherwise, presumably, it never would have happened. All these decisions were made by -- and only by -- the Republican members of the conference committee from the House and the Senate.

    Uncivil Society

    Wednesday, October 22, 2003; Page A28

    LATE MONDAY AFTERNOON, the House was poised to vote on an energy bill purported to be 1,700 pages long. No Democrats, and few Republicans, had read the bill. A dispute among House and Senate negotiators on a tax issue delayed the vote, but it is expected in a few days. Before then it might be worth thinking about how this legislation came into existence -- and what that story says about the deeper problems of the legislative process itself.

    The House and Senate each passed versions of this bill. But the final version has been written by a House-Senate conference committee that formally excluded Democrats. Although many of the issues addressed in the bill have been discussed in the hundreds of hours Congress has spent debating energy in the past two years (or even, in the case of the electricity provisions, the past decade), some of the final language will never have appeared anywhere in public. ....

    Yet whatever the final contents of this mystery bill, it cannot, once the conference has signed off on it, be amended. ...

    © 2003 The Washington Post Company

    Katherine Yurica wrote an article explicating the unconstitutionality of the new method of manufacturing sausage laws: Rogue Republican Dons in Congress
    Tear Up the Constitution, Exclude Democrats
    and Accept A New Title: "The Godfathers"

    •  Conyers: (none)
      "My son, sit down..."

      One of the jewels in Farenheit 9/11.  It says it all about how far we've gone.

      "I'm an insect who dreamed he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over..." - Charles E. Pogue, "The Fly".

      by edsdet on Thu Jan 19, 2006 at 08:13:12 PM PST

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