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View Diary: Insider Trading in Frist and Delay's Office: Story Growing (125 comments)

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  •  Exactly my point. (none)
    'Frist' and 'DeLay' aren't named, their offices are. Nobody in either office is fingered, and not even the the nonspecific allegations are identified with anybody claiming percipient knowledge.

    Big headline, no body.

    Slaughter made a careless offhanded remark on the radio, wisely elected not to go out on that limb later on CSPAN, as did Baird on AA (despite the hype and bait).

    All you've got here is poor listening comprehension, and false advertising.

    None Dare Call It Stupid!

    by RonK Seattle on Thu Jan 19, 2006 at 11:17:01 PM PST

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    •  The point is (none)
      that if true, this isn't happening in a vacuum.  Given the context of the practice of gathering "political intelligence," it's not a long leap to place people in the specific offices.

      And, frankly, Rep. Slaughter's word is strong enough to push this past rumor.  And might be enough to jump start some investigating.

      Sheesh, if Frist was in handcuffs already, we wouldn't have to do this sort of digging.

    •  It was not a careless comment (none)
      I've listened to the Slaughter clip several times. It was definitely not careless. She is carefull with her words. I guess I'd say that Slaughter would be extremely careless if she said what she said without evidence to back it up. I expect that that evidence will be forthcoming (as she indicated that a report would be out within 2 weeks). The way the Repubs are, if the allegations were false, they'd have Slaughter's head on a pike in short order. You just don't make claims like that, without evidence to back it up. So well have to wait and see.

      I've done some trading. If I could have this kind of information once, I could make a trade that would allow me to live comfortable for a whole year on just 1 trade.

      It's just like when Biff in Back To The Future has the sports almanac of the future - he can always bet on a sure thing.

      Bush Wants Absolute Power To Run A War He Lied To Start.

      by bejammin075 on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 03:25:44 AM PST

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