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View Diary: Insider Trading in Frist and Delay's Office: Story Growing (125 comments)

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  •  The Crimson Permanent Assurance... (none)
    will be delivering withering filing cabinet broadsides, "crossing the t":

    In the bleak days of two thousand and six, as America languished in the doldrums of a Bush's oligarchical cronyist policy, the good and loyal men of the Permanent Assurance Company-- a once-proud family firm, recently fallen in hard times-- strained under the yoke of their oppressive new corporate management.

    Pushed beyond the bounds of decent and reasonable victimisation, the aged retainers take their destiny in their own hands and-- Mutiny!

    And so, the Crimson Permanent Assurance was launched upon the high seas of international finance.

    There it lay, the prize they sought, the richest jewel in the crown of the congressional offices of Senator's Frist and House Member DeLay, a boiler room swollen with day traders dealing with multi-nationals, conglomerates, and fat, bloated merchant banks (and lobbyist scum).

    Hidden behind the faceless, towering canyons of glass, the world of high finance and government sat smug and self-satisfied as their future, in the shape of their past, slipped silently through the streets, returning to wreak a terrible revenge.

    Adopting, adapting, improving, and reforming traditional business practises, the Permanent Assurance puts into motion an audacious and totally unsuspected takeover bid.

    And so, heartened by their initial success, the desperate and reasonably violent men of the Permanent Assurance battled on... until, as the sun set slowly in the west, the outstanding return on their bold business venture became apparent: the once-proud political giants lay in ruins, their assets stripped (and fined away by the SEC), their policies in tatters (and their careers destroyed).

    Arrrgggh! A pirate's life for me!

    People in Eurasia on the brink of oppression: I hope it's gonna be alright... Pet Shop Boys: Introspective

    by rgilly on Fri Jan 20, 2006 at 05:32:41 AM PST

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