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  •  If its Kerry say Hello to 4 more years of Bush (2.50)
    I dont want to sound as a Kerry Basher here...  But   You make a great post.

    Kerry is NOT winning Primaries b/c he is winning. Kerry is winning b/c he has a resume.... based on the fact that 30+ years ago he fought in Vietnam

    He won Iowa  b/c Dean implode and was yelling at Iowa voters     and since Kerry WAS the ORIGINAL front runner ... voters went  back to Kerry and to a lessor degree Edwards.

    THEN  Kerry won NH  which is  where is  known for 20 years and is  his essentially  Home state.

    and THAT is it.

    That is the ENTIRE basis for Kerry. There isnt a speech or a position Kerry has that caused this rise. As  someone else already posted his "bring it On phrase" was taken dirctly from the Edwards camp last year
    The fact is this  "electability"   issue came out AFTER NH.... but before the 7 primaries of FEB 3.    HOW does winning your home state
    (essentially  NH is Kerry's 2nd Home state ) which kerry has been known for 20 years PROVE that he can beat BUSH?!!?!?

    what a crock the demcorats have been eating
      The FACT is NO northern liberal democrat has won the WH since 1960. 4 have tried --all 4 lost. Badly.

    FACT since 1960 4 southern democrats have run and they are 3-1-1.

    My distate for Kerry is that he cant win.
    Kerry was ALWAYS the front runner.... having the field split up into 5-6 opponents meant that Kerry could pile up early wins.

    The fact that Clark Dean and Liberman are way too fooking stupid to know when to give up may be helpful to Kerry and one could even say if they are really thickhead that Kerry Just took advantage of the situation.

    Fair enough. But that does NOT prove he can beat Bush   or even imply   that  Kerry is the  best  candidate to go up against Dubya.

    You dont win the game by playing Prevent defense ... which is what Kerry has done is Most of the debates. Winning the debate b/c you dont say anything too stupid will NOT get you into the WH .

    Kerry cant talk about real ordinary americans b/c he isnt one and hasnt worked a day in his like. So that Advanatge is gone.

    Nor is he a good campaigner though he is better than Gore.

    "Obviously we are dealing with limited mentalities" -- Daffy Duck

    by wxdave on Tue Mar 02, 2004 at 01:59:38 AM PST

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