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  •  Seabiscuit is whinnying from his grave (none)
    Howard Dean would have a slightly better chance of winning in November than Seabiscuit had last night.

    I loved 95% of what what Dean had to say but winced at the other 5%. Unfortunately, I believe we have a better chance of winning with Kerry or Edwards, two candidates who are a bit more careful with their words.

    •  More careful... (none)
      because they run everything past an opinion poll before saying it.  You could probably write a computer program that would run just about as well for President.  

      Deaniacs- support Dean in spirit by voting for Edwards! Kerry is the ultimate Washington insider!

      by Asak on Tue Mar 02, 2004 at 04:54:21 AM PST

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    •  I don't know (none)
      I mean I'm an ardent Dean supporter.  I hope he gets some more delegates before this thing is done.

      My reaction to Kerry is visceral.  I know that we have to get rid of Bush.  I live in D.C.  So I may be ableto get away with not voting or voting 3rd party, but I have to turn the mute button on whenever Kerry's on  TV or opens his mouth at all.  This is not substantive at all.  Nor is it a criticism of those who do genuinely like him.

      Listening to him makes me want his cancer to return--and I don't want to wish ill on anyone like that.

      I just have to tune out of presidential politics, and think of God and country when I pushthe screen.

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