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  •  The Game against Bush is one that I welcome. (3.83)
    2004 is an historic, turning point election, and the Republican Party desperately needs a candidate with a message much like George Bush' the year 2000.

    But George Bush can't run on that message...because not only did he and Dick Cheney take their popular vote loss / Supreme Court selection and run straight for the Right Wing of America....but on the few measures that still ring out from Bush's tune in 2000...

    compassionate conservative, no child left behind, a uniter not a divider, it's your money, faith based initiatives...  

    there is not a single one that George Bush can proudly stand on.  Which is why he is running as a "war President."

    I, for one, am not afraid of their $200 million, FOXnews, or the Republican Party.  The gig is up, and I reserve my unvarnished contempt for the "Party of Lincoln."  They had and squandered a once-in-a-lifetime chance in American politics...control of every single goddamned thing in Washington D.C. except the Senate filibuster...and they gave us diddly squat.

    -A war in Iraq.  Poorly run. Ill-conceived and executed and with contemptible treatment of our National Guard/Reserves and returning Veterans.
    -A mammoth tax-cut for the rich that failed to do the one thing we needed it to do: create jobs.
    -A debacle of a medicare drug benefit.  The only insurance coverage in human history where your coverage DECREASES as you get sicker.

    I remember the Federalist Club frat boys at my University...and I imagined them lapping it up as the Gingrich revolution gave way to Impeachment and to the Bush / Cheney victories in 2000 and 2002.  They got exactly what they wanted.  The most conservative, hare-brained policy set ever instituted in the name of "serving the American people."  

    Friends, George Bush just ran this country into the ground.  He took 9/11 and squandered it.  He took the one honorable man in his Party, Colin Powell, and turned him into a sad hypocrite whose testimony at the UN is a lasting shame to us all.

    The American public are not total rubes.  When Condoleeza Rice goes on TV and talks about "mushroom clouds" and we later find out that there was never any good evidence for even garden variety WMD...we get PISSED OFF.  Talk like that scares our scares me.  This administration betrayed our trust, and they betrayed the service men and women who paid the ultimate price in Iraq.

    When George Bush went on TV and asked for $87 Billion additional dollars for the war in Iraq...after his prance on the flight deck and Cheney's talk of being welcomed with open arms, he might as well have said..."Today, I am guaranteeing that either I will lose the Presidency...or you folks are way dumber than anyone has ever thought."

    I, for one, welcome this campaign season, because after watching Republicans finagle and shove their way to the top in Florida....

    it is serious payback time.  

    We are going to whup their ass.  I can feel it in my bones.  We are going to turn their monstrous machine back on its self-righteous, deal-with-the-devil/bible thumpers/segregationist self...
    and take back this country's politics for a generation.

    Clinton couldn't do it...Gore couldn't finish it off...what we Democrats really needed all along...was the one candidate who can bring us together and unite us to take back our government:

    President George Walker Bush.

    2004's the election, 2005's the prize...let'sTCB!

    by kid oakland on Tue Mar 02, 2004 at 04:08:17 AM PST

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