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  •  Let's Talk About Breaking Hearts (4.00)
    It breaks my heart that there are so many American children in foster care, and so many of those children end up in prison. It breaks my heart that my state spends over $1.7 billion on maintaining an increasing population of prisoners, mostly for drug use. It breaks my heart that the world's forests and oceans are so rapidly and irreversibly depleted daily, causing harm, death, and extinction on an alarming scale. It breaks my heart a cotton farmer's family in Ghana goes hungry because he can't compete with Texas millionaires who receive federal subsidies on their cotton because they gave George some campaign money. It breaks my heart that my taxes were used to kill thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians in the last two wars there.

    There are so many bad things that happen to good people around the world, and there is so much blood on the hands of the rich and the powerful. I can tell you, though, something that does not break my heart, and that is that Stephanie may support the President on FMA. She's a Democrat for crying out loud, and she's trying to get elected to change the course of the rats and the pigs who are now in control of Congress. Give her some money, dammit.

    •  Didn't work (3.00)
      I am completely unmoved.  Completely.

      No matter what we do the rich and powerful pigs are always there.  They even threw out my vote last time.  What good does it all do?  Likely my electronic vote won't be counted today too.

      I need politicians who are brave and adhere to principle.  What we have here is......[edited].

      I gave her money twice.  Good thing for her it was before the hate amendment was proposed, for I assure you I never, ever would have given her her a cent.

      Nothing.  I despise cowards.

      "Just because we were whipped a thousand years ago is no reason to stop trying now." --Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

      by paradox on Tue Mar 02, 2004 at 12:35:27 PM PST

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    •  breaks my heart, too. (none)
      I did -- I gave her $50, and several days later, I'm okay about it.  Have you given her some money?

      I'm not a Nader voter; I'm not going to toss out the real possibility of a small step forward just because the big leap forward that I want isn't looking realistic... but the day we stop striving and clamoring for the big leap forward (i.e. candidates strong on social justice, genuinely trying to help the poorest among us, uncowed by the growing power of huge corporations, aware than environmentalism could actually help the economy, etc, etc) is the day we start having to compromise down even further, to "standing still," or even "how about a teensy step backwards."  It's for damn sure the religious right aren't scaling back their goals just because GWB's in office.

      This one is a total hot potato, I grant you.  I'd have been far happier if the issue of gay marriage had come up during a midterm year, but hey: it's here now, and if the candidates that I want to see in office say what I think is the wrong thing about it, I'm going to stand up and tell them so, loudly.  It doesn't mean I wouldn't rather have them in office than Bush; it means that I'm one of their constituents.  I'm pissed at Kerry, too for getting all mealymouthed and saying he'd support a MA state constitutional ban on gay marriage if legal protections and  civil unions were allowed.  There should be no constitutional bans on marriage, period.  (On that same note, I also feel that my gay friends shouldn't have to use "Gays Only" water fountains.)

      If I lived in SD, I'd vote for Herseth in a flat second, despite my frustration.  I'm going to vote for the Democratic presidential nominee, even if I have to hold my nose (a little) to do it.  That said, agitating for change from the candidates one is hoping to vote for is an essence of the American process, and I won't give it up.

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