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  •  I sorry ...BUT (none)
     I am sorry but YOU choose to read into my comment what you want to see.

    show some damned respect for those of us whose rights are being trampled by these candidates. Why is Empathy the most unattainable thing for most heterosexual men?

    I am most respectful of you and who you are. I do not need a lecture about gay and lesbian and thier rights. I support your right to marry, I support your right to marriage deductions, I support your right to live in peace with ever you choose to do so with. BTW, I am not threatened by homosexuals and do not believe for one second there is such a thing as the "homosexual agenda" beyond wanting to be treated equally & fairly under the law.

    The discussion is on whether Ms. Herseth candidacy should be supported because her position on FMA. I do not apologize nor change my feelings one iota because of what you have written.

    I am willing to defend your rights. I am willing to fight to have your rights expanded and codified. BUT, I am not willing to dismiss any candidate for office based on one issue and one issue alone. Sorry.

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