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  •  She impressed me more than the production values (none)
    I didn't find these ads particularly groundbreaking in terms of production values (they're head and shoulders above the Dean ads, of course) or style.  Aside from the swooshy transitions, which I'm not crazy about, they follow a very traditional format for TV political advertising that really hasn't changed much for at least a decade, if not two or three.

    What is groundbreaking about these ads is how they use the candidate herself.  Herseth will warm up every living room these are broadcast in.  She's attractive but not aggressively sexy.  She's smart but down to earth.  She's articulate but easy to understand.  Look at how she's dressed, how she addresses the audience.

    The biographical ad ran the risk of making her seem off-puttingly entitled by focusing on her family history, but the inclusion of the charming childhood photo of her on a tractor and the footage of her at work and talking to a farmer built up to her speaking for herself, and it is her warmth and aptitude that pull off the ad.  Another candidate could have read the same words and ruined the ad, turning off voters.

    Just goes to show what a candidate with a winning personality can do, especially now that they have to approve of the message in the ad.  

    Ads with a muddled message and crappy production values can hurt a candidate (read: Dean) but in this case, it's my opinion that the clear message and great production values play second fiddle to the real star of the ad, the candidate herself.

    I'm a Dean Democrat.

    by Maura in VA on Tue Mar 02, 2004 at 05:44:55 PM PST

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