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  •  Just to be clear (none)
    I'm torn on the politics of choice paradoxes and the Democratic Party, not civil rights.
    I read your thing, then Barney Frank's comments on another thread, and now I am back (for the fourth time today) on DON'T give to Herseth.

    I really believe strongly in the idea that you complain rather than exit (another idea from the book).
    You take the opportunity to put up good people during primary season, and then you pick the best candidate in the general.  That best might be UGH, but you'll always wonder if you could have helped avoid the worse option.

    Just curious ... how do you feel about Kerry and Nader's positions on the FMA?

    •  Good question (none)
      I support Kerry's position on MFA but do not support his decision as Senator on the MA constitution. As far as Nader, I haven't been paying attention to his positions as the only time I've seen him was on Bill Maher. I do appreciate how much time and thought you are putting into this. Best of luck.

      We're not daddy's generation of Nancy Boyz, so get used to it.

      by wilfred on Tue Mar 02, 2004 at 06:56:06 PM PST

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