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View Diary: UPDATED: the 42 blog posts WaPo wants to hide from you (166 comments)

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  •  Brilliant work (none)
    Thanks for the effort.

    I'd assumed that Brady was being at least minimally honest and that the only comments they deleted were so over-the-top they should have been deleted.  Now that I see what the Post actually deleted, it's clear he was playing fast and loose with the facts.

    Sure, there may have been comments like the ones Brady described (profane, hateful, etc.) -- but that obviously wasn't their sole criteria for taking them down.  It looks like they deleted anything that called out Deborah Howell in even the mildest terms:  referring to her as a "hack" or questioning whether she, like other so-called journalists, was on the White House payola list.

    •  Brady lying about both quantity and quality (none)
      Note that Brady is misleading us by suggesting he only removed extreme content. But he is also misleading us, and libeling us, by suggesting that there were "hundreds" of messages with extreme content. That seems to be a big fat lie.

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