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View Diary: Is The Washington Post Online A Tool Of The Right Wing? (145 comments)

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    It is high time for the DNC to join with ranking Dems and any others who may want to join in, and hold a press conference to end this media campaign of lies immediately. Why don't they do it? I've written to the DNC urging them to just hold a press conference and issue the facts regarding who donated to whom. I am sick of having to write to Kyra Phillips one minute and Lou Dobbs the next, (not to mention Tweety about 3 times a day to complain about his own lies) in a futile effort to rebut their continuous lies and distortions about Abramoff donating money to Democrats. Lou Dobbs' blatant lies last night were astonishing! It just boggles the mind how they can lie so brazenly. Abramoff gave NO money to Democrats. That is a LIE. Some of Abramoff's clients ALSO gave money to Democrats, but contrary to their specious lies, it was NOT at the direction of Jack Abramoff.

    Greenberg/Traurig has already issued a statement that the Greenberg PAC donated to both parties; Abramoff had nothing to do with those donations. Indeed

    Greenberg/Traurig and Indian tribes or other lobbyist clients who gave money to either or both parties have not done anything illegal by giving money under FEC regulated rules. Campaign contributions are NOT illegal per se; it's the "INFLUENCE" factor, stupid.

    It was Abramoff/Delay/Blunt/Ney/Reed/Norquist and other Republicans who conspired to LAUNDER the donations for the purpose of influence that is the crime here.

    Therefore, the Abramoff scandal is NOT a BIPARTISAN scandal. But the DNC and the Democratic leadership are allowing the RNC to portray it as just that!

    Why don't the Democrats just get out there and challenge the lies?!

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      is the only logical answer for this. We are actually in Germany circa 1930................

      "If fighting for a more equal and equitable distribution of the wealth of this country is socialistic, I stand guilty of being a socialist." Walter Reuther

      by fugwb on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 05:52:14 AM PST

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