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View Diary: Is The Washington Post Online A Tool Of The Right Wing? (145 comments)

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  •  Read Wampum (none)
    Wampum, a blog about Native American issues (and other issues) actually digs much deeper than this.  Turns out that the Indian tribes that ostensibly were "clients" of Mr. Abramoff, also were clients of a number of other lobbying shops during the same time frame.  Indeed, some of the tribes never were represented by Mr. Abramoff for some time periods included in the numbers (although they were represented by affiliates of Mr. Abramoff like Kevin Ring).

    The issue behind all this is there is not that much evidence that Mr. Abramoff directed contributions by the Indian tribes to particular members of Congress (particularly Democratic members of Congress).  

    •  Well (none)
      I am not, I am ashamed to admit, that interested in the story.

      Truth be told, I am not that shocked by it and do think that this is business as usual with some zeroes added.

      The shocking thing to me is the idea that giving money to out of power Congressmen in the DeLay iron fist House, where a majority of Republicans have to agree to move any bill, is taken seriously.

      I mean please. how stupid are they? Or as the Howler always say, how stupid do the think WE are?

      The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

      by Armando on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 07:05:26 AM PST

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