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  •  What goes around always comes around (none)
    Well, Armando, if you prefer to think of civility as "BS", then that's your right. But me, I've seen so much destruction and evil in the world that I don't want to participate in anything that adds to the overall misery of the human condition, and that includes calling people names. I want to make the world a better place, not attack people with whom I disagree. I'm sure that someday, after you've seen your fill of the sadness and viciousness that pervade our world, the natural goodness in you will rebel at it and you too will seek to restrain young men from their innate anger.

    Best wishes,


    •  I didn't say that "civility" was BS (none)
      I said that YOUR invocation of "civility" after being extremely uncivil to the commenters at this blog was hypocritical and not accepted by me.

      I do not write in anger. My mind is crystal clear and I am challenging your assumptions and your behavior as dishonest, disingenuous and inappropriate.

      You may address my arguments at your leisure.

      The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

      by Armando on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 09:46:53 PM PST

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      •  A suggestion (none)
        Armando, we're going around in circles here, so I'd like to offer some form of closure. I do so in the form of a purely rhetorical question: what is your purpose in this discussion? Yes, there's your stated purpose that you are defending the good Kossacks against my vicious slanders. But I will ask you to ask yourself if that is really your underlying purpose. Please don't provide that answer here, as such an answer serves no purpose to anybody other than yourself. Here are some possibilities to consider:

        Tribalism. The world is composed of good guys and bad guys, and you attack or denigrate anybody who's not part of of "our team".

        Reputation. You occupy an important position here at dKos, and it is necessary to emerge victorious from any disagreement, lest your overall credibility be reduced.

        General orneriness. Sometimes you just get so pissed at how bad the world is, you just gotta nail any bastard whom you perceive to be part and parcel of that evil.

        Territoriality. "URK! DKOS IS ARMANDO'S TERRITORY! STRANGERS BAD! HIT STRANGERS WITH CLUB!" or something like that.

        Now, humans have Pleistocene minds and I can guarantee that each and every one of these factors played some role, however tiny, in your thinking. Humans are also civilized, and I can also guarantee that, whatever role they played, there were other more civilized factors that played roles, too. I am not so self-important as to make any claims as to how the mix came out in your mind. Only you can answer that question, and an honest answer would take more time to determine than you might be willing to devote to the question. But I'll suggest that you give the matter some thought. In the long run, such self-contemplation will only increase your overall effectiveness.

        Best wishes,

        •  Address my argument (none)
          You don't.

          Ask yourself what your purpose is - I think it is clear.

          The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

          by Armando on Sun Jan 22, 2006 at 12:19:16 PM PST

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          •  Very well, if you want to play this game... (none)
            You argue that my phrasing is uncivil. The phrases in question here are "childish name-calling" and "mud-slinging". Do you deny that that the discussion in question was devoid of childish name-calling and mud-slinging? I will be happy to provide you with quotations from the relevant discussion; are you prepared to defend all such quotations as NOT "childish name-calling" and NOT "mud-slinging"?
            •  I am prepared to defend (none)
              the community from your outlandishly false charge that the majority were name calling.

              Why would you wish to argue that?

              The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

              by Armando on Sun Jan 22, 2006 at 08:46:20 PM PST

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              •  Let's just wrap this (none)
                Armando, this discussion has descended to a level of silliness that embarasses me for both of us. Now you're changing the basis of the discussion, accusing me of making the "outlandishly false charge that the majority were name calling". I didn't write that, you know I didn't write that, and you're just making up new terms. This is not a discussion, it's a sophomoric debate along the lines of "you said that I said that you said that..."

                My objective in pursuing this silly exchange was the honest hope that I might be able to get through to you, to show you that political discussion need not be a confrontational exercise in one-ups-manship. In this I have failed. I sincerely wish you well; you have made many important and valuable contributions to the dKos community. I was hoping that I could help you get past this testosterone-soaked desire to establish dominance. Please go ahead and dump whatever vitriol on me you see fit, but I will ask you to consider the points I have made here. You don't need to conquer anybody, Armando. Just concentrate on the issues and keep telling the truth.

                Best wishes,


                •  It seems to me (none)
                  that you assume a superiority of wisdom and morality that is NOT an accepted term in this discussion.

                  I am prepared to discuss anything without assuming any terms.

                  It is clear that you are not. When you are challenged, you term the debate silly. Your idea of how this discussion should go is me nodding to your imparted pearls of wisdom.

                  I don't expect that from you or anybody and it surely is silly of you to expect it of me. I don't accept statements from Cass Sunstein on the law uncritically. It is ridiculous of you to expect me to accept statements from you, I have no idea who you are, on anything, uncritically.

                  I think you'll find "debate" here pretty unsatisfying. Not too many folks here are willing to be preached to in the unquestioning manner you demand.

                  The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

                  by Armando on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 06:29:55 AM PST

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