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  •  Sir Isaac Newton and God (none)
    Although this posting is sketchy, there is nothing necessarily inconsistent with what appears Mr. Glenn Morton's position and and that of physics. Relevant here is Newton's First Law of Thermodynamics, the Law of Inertia. Stipulated is an object at rest will stay at rest until an outside force brings it into motion, and an object in motion will stay in motion until an outside force brings it to rest.

    This law applying to the material universe, then whatever the state of being of the material universe, an outside is necessary to account for it. Being true for the material universe, of necessity such an outside force must be immaterial. I seriously doubt Newton presumed this immaterial outside force to be anything other than the Christian God.

    What followed at the end of the eighteenth century was the notion of the "Clockwork Universe," God "kickstarting" a mechanical structure which clanked along according to Newton's laws, without need of additional impetus or guidance. The universe no longer requiring an "outside force," God was free to go about doing God things.

    Manifest is Newton in no way entailed separation of science and religion. Not until the late nineteenth century do science and religian begin to separate. Ironically, though, scientists still continued and continue to revere Newton's laws, overlooking the implication of the first law.

    This when there is no necessity to it, Taoists getting along quite well without a first mover. Hindus and Buddhists might be thought to do so also. Still it is entrenched in Western thinking, an inheritance from Plato. Certainly rejecting it would cause severe changes in science, when we all know science is truth and undoubtedly not culturally relative.

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