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  •  proof neither needed nore sought (4.00)
    Intellignet Design types are not actually believing Christians.  ID--specifically, the "watchmaker" thesis--wa put forward toward the end of the nineteenth sentury to "prove" the existence of God.  But Chistianity is founded on faith and on belief, not on proof.  Christ acknowledged this himself when he pointed out to Thomas that the generations who come after him will not have the chance to put their finger in his wound.  I for one seek no proof that a mystery resides that is deeper than the material world.  Neither do I have any particular impulse to convince others, such as I once was, that scientific materialsim does not account for for all that's real.  But scientific materialism does, or can legitimately strive to, account for everything in the material world, including the history of the universe and the various suprising things in it, us included.

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