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  •  Not the point, Mabu. (4.00)
    There's no hidden agenda here to not take responsibility. Of course, one can always do that no matter what philosophical beliefs they may have.

    Theistic Evolution is a good term for what non-fundamentalist Christians believe regarding creation, God and life. Not all Christians believe that the Bible should be taken literally though we take meaning from the life of Christ and his teachings. This sets us apart from the religious right who believe that the Bible must be taken as completely and unalterably true, every single word. If they were to admit to one thing being "untrue" or wrong they fear the whole structure of their faith would come tumbling down. Indeed, they are taught this from an early age, learning the scripture saying roughly that one will be damned if they remove any word from the Bible. My sister, a science lover and former fundamentalist Christian, has a very hard time believing in God because of such teachings. Learning at a young age that God is a vindictive, revengeful father is hard to get over and it is often easier just to deny that there is a God. Yet we who are in this boat still cling to the belief in a creator-God and Christ's teachings of love and justice, and it serves as a positive force in our lives and values.

    Believing that God created life, existence of the threads of life from out of a void, does not mean that one attributes to God the source of every single human action, which would be to deny our human will. There are many physicists who have a vague or general belief in God as the source of everything, after having studied and looked for the origins in their work, which is interesting I think.

    Sometimes a person who believes in God is just a person who believes in God. We do not look to him for excuses or justification of the bad deeds of humans, for our mistakes or anything else. We (and I just refer to people who have beliefs similar to mine) know that events are caused by human actions and are not of the mentality that wants to find a scapegoat nor attribute man's accomplishments to God as you suggest.

    In fact, I guess the confusion comes from a thought that because a person believes in God means that she is going to think the same way another person who believes in God about EVERYthing. Which is not the case. Even though there is a sub-set of Christians known as the R. Right or Evangelicals who have a monolithic set of beliefs, there are other Christians, such as the United Church of Christ, and others, who are vastly different, who have a social and ethicical beliefs and values consistent with most people here at Kos.

    Sorry to be so long-winded in this response.

    •  Taking the Bible literally vs. attaching meaning (none)
      to the text far beyond any reasonable interpretation of the text is the real debate.

      Those who believe in theistic evolution and/or intelligent design and still claim that this is consistent with the Biblical text of creation sure have no appreciation for language.

      The creation in the Bibilical text is very specific as to how the universe happened and you have to stretch allegory all to hell to get theistic evolution and/or intelligent design out of it.

      I really don't know why these people feel such a need to prove the existence of God.

      On second thought yes I do.  They can't face the prospect of the finality of their own mortality.

      •  English major, I love language! (none)
        I am not "trying to prove the existence of God." Where did you get that? I said nothing to that effect.

        You said the "creation in the biblical text is very specific" and yes, of course it is. I've read it many times. But it like other mythology can be very specific and yet still a story which seeks to explain events not capable of being understood.

        The belief I have that God is the creator is just that, my belief, and I don't push it on anyone. I know that I cannot prove it.

        I was an athiest for more than 20 years of my life but I never tried to attack people for their beliefs if they were not impinging on me. Take it or leave it, but it may be more indicative of your own anger and frustration to attack someone who is merely explaining a position. But I suspect that you do not want me to make sense.

        BTW, it's not either or when it comes to ID and Theistic Evolution. They are vastly different beliefs.

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