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View Diary: Know Your Creationists: Glenn Morton (195 comments)

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  •  P Z Myers hit the problem (none)
    right at the core-
    I think court cases are stop-gap measures to prevent the advance of ignorance into our public school system, but don't actually address the root causes of the problem. If we focus only on case-by-case attempts to block the creationist challenges without actually getting out there and educating people, we're doomed.

    but the people who are promoting creationism are blinded by their feelings and beliefs, and ALL the education in the world won't make certain people see that the sky is, in actuality, blue

    "I ain't no physicist, but I knows what matters"-Popeye

    by keefer55 on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 02:44:19 PM PST

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