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  •  See my other post, but I'll add here: (none)
    that science does a poor job of answering some fundamental cosmological questions such as why there is anything rather than nothing, the nature of a "prime mover," if any, etc..  (It does have some answers that I find appealing, but not wholly compelling.)  So there is room beyond the reach of science for speculation that will speak towards religion pretty much of necessity.

    What Morton is addressing is something different than what you think he is.  He's not saying "do we need religion to make sense of science?"  He's saying "given what we know of science, must we abandon religion"?  Lots of people answer that question "yes," and that is indeed what scares off a lot of the public.  His answer -- the right answer -- is "no."  Belief in a Higher Power of whatever kind you envision does not contradict most (and perhaps all) of what we know about science.  It may not be -- as I think Bertrand Russell said -- a necessary postulate, but neither is it out of bounds, depending on what one does with it.

    Sixteen scandals in my heart will glow: click "A is for Abramoff"

    by Major Danby on Sat Jan 21, 2006 at 09:32:58 PM PST

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