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  •  I'm with Arsenic (but not as eloquent) (none)
    Science doesn't have to explain the existence of God; magical thinking is the antithesis of science.  Every time science has conflicted with religion, religion has lost.  It has come to the point where God resides only in the darkest shadows, afraid of venturing out lest He be beat down again by reality.  The God described by many of you is meaningless, a vague construct that predicts nothing, explains nothing, but may have "started it all".  Just because science hasn't explained certain things yet, does not mean we have to fill in the gaps with fantasy.  Science explains very well what happens after we die: we decompose and are recycled into the biosphere.  Why isn't that enough?  It is true that science cannot disprove the concept of a magical `soul' floating up into the sky to live in Dinseyland.  But neither can science disprove the existence of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  Some things DESERVE to be dismissed out of hand.

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