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  •  There is no reason.. (4.00) believe that this is the most important Congressional vote of this century. (The vote to "go to war" was bogus..they only authorized the use of force if necessary.)

    If Democrats are "afraid" to vote no on this, or afraid to filibuster if necessary, then there isn't much point on Democrats being there. They can just go home and let the Republicans continue to run the show.

    The "fear" of the nuclear option is idiotic. The nuclear option will already have been used if the Democrats are afraid to filibuster. And if Alito isn't too extreme to filibuster, who is?

    Time to take a stand. Everybody, contact your congresspeople. Write editorials to your newspapers. Our childrens' futures are at stake here.

    •  typo (none)
      "this isn't the most important vote", I meant
    •  Where is institutional loyalty? (3.91)
      Why aren't Senators more exercised about the clear intent of Alito to neuter Congress.  The issue of the alleged validity of "signing statements" alone ought to produce about a 90-10 vote against Alito.

      Do Republican Senators really relish the idea of becoming lickspittles to a royal figurehead, dancing on the strings held by powerful corporations?  Even if those corporations are holding the strings on those senators themselves?

      For God's sake, if they don't care about the American peoples' rights, surely they're not too short-sighted and venal to care about their own institutional rights and prerogatives... which Alito would strip away as soon as he would abortion rights.  Does King George actually have to don an ermine robe and jam his sceptre up their collective asses before they get it?

      I've written to my senators and congresscritters, twice, and mailed hard copies each time.  I've written to the New England "moderate" Republicans, warning them that out-of-state folk would join together to contribute toward bringing them down if they cave on this one.  I've begged wavering Democratic senators to support a filibuster, to restore some self-respect and power to their party as a real opposition.  I don't know what else to do.  Except to open my checkbook for the heroes and against the villains later this year.  

      If the only thing they respect is money, then that's what they'll see.  It's not like they're representing actual flesh-and-blood people anymore, anyway.

      -4.50, -5.85 Lies are the new Truth.

      by Dallasdoc on Sun Jan 22, 2006 at 09:04:04 PM PST

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    •  Agreed... (none)
      They HAVE TO filibuster.  There is something powerful and spiritual about acting NOW, not holding back for fear that something down the road will set off another something, and then that something will do something, and on and on.  There is something beautiful about letting go of fear and doing what's right NOW.

      Gurus and Buddhists and Enlightened Masters have been talking like that for aeons... so let's just practice their enlightened guidance.

      Let them say anything, but let's NOT ACT from the perspective of fear.  

    •  Good point about important votes (none)
      but I would argue that the vote on certifying the 2000 election results, in which not a single senator came forward to challenge them, was more important than the Iraq use of force resolution

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