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  •  Liked this line: (4.00)
    "his wife's bizarrely over-covered crying jag"

    The Times also reported on her crying jag, but I guess not overmuch.

    I hope this editorial finds its way to the breakfast table of many senators...

    •  Overnight fax Times exerpt to district offices (none)
      Local Kossacks: select the part of the excerpt that highlights your particular concern(s) regarding scAlito, add your $0.03 and fax it right now to your senators' local offices (save the toll). Or email the thing. Doesn't matter whether you're a constituent represented by a D, R or I.
      Follow up with a phonecall tomorrow or the next day to make sure your senator in DC got the thing. (This makes the most of your contact.)
      You can find addresses and numbers for your senators' DC and district offices here.

      The Senate home page is here, you may need to refer to Senate standing rules over the next few days.

      These links are from the government resources section at Thomas, aptly named after a good liberal who believed in transparent and accountable government.

      Oh, and the fight is just getting started so don't pack up your weaponry of nunchucks and too-hot lattes just yet. (Link is to BradBlog's post on Durbin and a filibuster; link via Firedoglake.)

      If scAlito is mainstream, why lie about his record? Anyone? Bueller? scAlito?

      by Peanut on Sun Jan 22, 2006 at 09:22:15 PM PST

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      •  Toll Free Number to Congress: (none)
        From Thom Hartmann today:  1-888-355-3588 and ask for the office of the Senator you wish to contact re: Alito.

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