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  •  The news section.. (none)
    ..of the NYT is conservative, yes. They are the ones that helped convince "us" to go to war.
    •  but they also help to convince "us" (none)
      that global warming exists, the dams are bad, etc...

      the news is not conservative at all.

      we don't know what the real story is behind the NYT war hype.

      my personal guess is simple -

      globalists flock together.

      but as a recovering conservative, i can tell you that i'd very often rip the paper in half in disgust.

      or throw my converse at peter jennings head.

      •  global warming failure (none)
        if the media did its job on global warming none of us would drive.

        many people on this site still drive even though our coastlines are already doomed. glaciar national park will have no glaciers soon. the arctic will be open water.

        we must stop burning oil now. the media still allows television adds for cars that look like enviromental adds. all a hybrid does is put off the day of our doom a blip.

        love life, ride bikes

        by common terry on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 12:58:16 AM PST

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