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  •  Huh? (none)
    And this exaggerator is using a single example from an MMFA posting as a the basis of a claim - a false claim worthy of reporting to MMFA in another context - that MMFA said the NYT is conservative.

    I think i gave you a whole page of "NYT said this guys! Look!"

    If MMFA had Chris Rock say this:

    "Yo'. Neo-con talking points are CRAZY! Like DEMONS! They can POSSESS you, and pop out yo mouf without you even KNOWIN' it. We ain't sayin that everybody who gets that NEO-CON TALKING POINT POSSESSION is a NEOCON. We're juts sayin' that they is been POSSESSED!"

    I'd buy it.

    But they do a shitty job. Read their message boards.

    •  Sorry, my bad, but... (none) stated flatly that MMFA said the NYT is conservative.  It certainly has not.

      I shouldn't have called you an exaggerator, but you did make an improper conflation and it seems it was made in order to needle Armando.  What you did was no different than saying that because X is among many who have received campaign contributions from Y, and Y pleads guilty to bribery, then ipsofacto X must have been bribed.

      I didn't click your link originally, and that was wrong and uncharacteristic of me.  But the reason is because I visit MMFA frequently - more than once a day.  And MMFA calls errors no matter from whom they come.  Since the NYT is still the most widely respected and cited newspaper in the land, it's reasonable that they would have many errors posted.  That doesn't make the Times conservative, let alone mean that MMFA is saying it is.

      Do you know how many editors they must have at the Times?  Probably hundreds - from the board level down to the "lowly" copy editors.  Improper cuts by copy editors to fit a story into the "news hole" (the area left for newsprint after ads are placed on the page) are the most frequent errors - and are almost always accidental.  What occurs more commonly across the industry anymore is merely printing an assertion of a third party; the news media today is more interested in making profits than spending the necessary funds for adequate numbers of fact-checkers.  And I suspect the Times is not immune to this.  But, generally speaking, the Times is more likely than not to issue corrections than, for example, the WaPo; as we've seen with the horrid way they've been handling the multiple falsehoods uttered by their ombudsman, Deborah Howell.

      And I'll be damned if I won't admit to having made a foolish remark like Howell does.

      "We, the people..." [shall] "establish justice!"

      by trupatriot on Sun Jan 22, 2006 at 11:13:00 PM PST

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    •  Any chance (none)
      we could draft him to run for public office?

      I'm sure he would liven the discourse and possibly even turn it to matters that are relevant to your average person.

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