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  •  "The Radar Screen" and Judge Elite-o (none)
    This is the point. What the American people think is only reflected in "the radar screen" when those who are running the radar screen think that it helps their own interests.

    The elite like the way things are running right now. Their revenues are sky-high, their taxes are as low as possible given that there is a war going on. But since the war is a strategic oil war, the elite are cool with the run on the deficit.

    Judge Elite-o is pro-business. So his career is on the fast track. He has consistently ruled against the little people and they DO NOT control the radar. They have NO VOICE in America right now. They do not even exist as the manufacturing backbone anymore. That role has been passed on to even poorer people in the 3rd world who have even LESS of a voice than poor America.

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