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View Diary: NYTimes: Oppose Alito (178 comments)

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  •  Already a huge Armando victory (none)
    I think that what's happened with the Alito nomination is already a huge moral victory for Armando personally, plus whoever helped him flesh out the Alito story.

    Conservatives and moderates have more than 60 votes in the Senate, and Alito seems on the surface to be a very nice, experienced guy. When Dubya nominated Alito, Alito seemed to be unstoppable. The fact that people are even seriously thinking about the idea of trying to block his nomination is really amazing.

    I think that this is even more a victory for Armando than people like Kennedy, because people like Kennedy have made awkward use of their visibility as senators, but Armando et al. have used their teeny tiny bit of visibility to make the world stop and think.

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