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  •  Slight disagreement with the last part.. (4.00)
    Participating in taking back our country is VERY serious ... taking ourselves seriously should not even be contemplated.  

    I always am slightly amused at myself that I feel my comment is the one and ONLY one that will clarify the topic, transform the other side, or otherwise clear up any lingering confusion.  such is the intoxication of having thousands read your every word.

    That, to all new people, is my attempt at humor.  Except the taking back our country part.

    •  All it takes to convince me that thousands (4.00)
      of people are not reading my diaries are the one or two comments I get on them. It keeps me from suffering delusions of grandeur.

      -6.88/-5.64 * You know what's happening. Fight it.

      by John West on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 05:55:36 AM PST

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      •  They may not be commenting, (4.00)
        but I would bet many, many more are reading your diary.  It is a goal of mine to read all the new diaries when I sit down with kos for an hour or 2.  The titles of these diaries can be misleading and often really worthy diaries do not get much attention.  But often, I just have nothing to add other than a "hey, great work".  I do not do diaries because my linking skills simply do not exist.  Tried it once and let's just stay the results spewed all over the margins.  Ugh.  I am now a consummer of diaries and an email writing junkie.  
        •  I'm a two finger typist so I usually keep things (none)
          simple. If I had to format prettily and stick in pics and links I'd probably just not comment as much.

          -6.88/-5.64 * You know what's happening. Fight it.

          by John West on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 06:19:06 AM PST

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        •  Some proof of this (none)
          I've found to come when you put a poll on your diary.  I usually see three to four times the number of votes as I do written responses.  You may post a diary, come back two hours later, and bemoan the fact that you've only garnered 7 comments, but the votes in the polls are some tangible proof that far more people read than comment.

          Which doesn't mean that we should put lame, meaningless polls on all of our diaries merely to draw attention....

          •  Polls (none)
            Recommends:  The goal of your diary should not necessarily be to get them, but they sure feel good and get you onto jotter's lists sometimes (I had one!).

            Comments:  If you've got a good subject or a unique approach, people will comment and discuss your topic.  If you put a silly diary our, like this one, you may get good comments that have nothing to do with your post.

            Poll results:  I definitely see a lot more people taking polls without commenting.

            Ratings:  Individual comments (and the "tip jar", which is a comment on your own diary meant for collecting ratings, or "mojo") can be rated.  If you are a logged in user, you will see a dropdown list at the end of each comment with a 1 thru 4 rating (0 = troll available only to trusted users).

            I believe those are the main ways to kind of gauge the attention your diary gets.  I wouldn't mind seeing a 'viewed' number.  Geeklog uses this, and you can see it on my site, here.  Of course, none of my stories have been viewed because the site is new and no one queries "smokey monkey" on google very often.

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