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  •  welcome new kossaks and lurkers (4.00)
    if you rate with 2 and 3 ratings, get ready for a shock!

    they are redundant...4's go down nice and smooth; if a comment rates a 1 from you, don't 'drive-by', add a comment explaining why you felt that way.

    it's called discourse

    another tip is to type <snark> after something sarcastic; people aren't always as intuitive as you hope, and being misunderstood is a drag.

    this is the coolest hangout on the web, and while it's fun and as intellectually stimulating as you could desire, it's also evolving into a power tool to renovate the body politic and effect serious change, byte by byte.

    wield with accuracy and respect!

    wear appropriate protective clothing and avoid heavy meds while posting, and do not swallow beverages while reading certain writers.

    why? just kos..... *just cause*

    by melo on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 06:11:56 AM PST

    •  exceptions to the rule (3.66)
      3s are ok for Carl Nyberg, and Jamesb3

      no, I'm not gonna tell you why

    •  Actual ratings practice (4.00)
      Yes indeed, despite the FAQ and other documentation, actual practice here is:
      • Give a '4' if you appreciate a comment
      • Leave it unrated if it doesn't deserve being called out
      • In extraordinary cases where you believe the comment is actually harmful to the discussion, give it a 1 or a 0. (A '1' is ambiguous: it could be the lowest rating a less frequent Kossack can give, or a not-quite-troll rating from a trusted user).

      There is also a school of thought that says: you only give 1's and 0's for stuff that is clearly, indisputably troll material -- and therefore no explanation is necessary. If you think an explanation IS called for, in this view, then you should post the reason you find the comment offensive but not rate it.

      I'm not claiming that any of these practices are "right," but that seems to be common practice today.

    •  disagree: DO drive-by (none)
      if a comment rates a 1 from you, don't 'drive-by', add a comment explaining why you felt that way.

      having seen many ratings wars since the inception of scoop, i am a staunch advocate of the "rate or reply, not both" school.  i think you've been around long enough to know what i'm talking about, melo.

      (obviously if you give a 4 and reply, nobody will object.)

      what you want to avoid, dear newb, is starting an argument that only gets inflamed by low ratings.  pretty soon the other poster gets angry and the rest of us watch while the two of you hunt each other's comments down over the threads and try to nuke each other.

      bad practice.  

      now if it's a poster who has been around for a long time, you might owe that person an explanation of why you are suddenly giving them a 1 for the post.  or you might explain yourself to the rest of the community.  but whatever you do, do not post a long flaming reply and drop a low rating on the same post.

      it's not enough to survive: one has to be worthy of surviving — admiral adama

      by zeke L on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 09:18:38 AM PST

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