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  •  Welcome, and IHA (none)
    I hate acronymns, and if that's spelled wrongly, it's your fault, it was copy and pasted from your post. Never could spell that word. Somebody posted a link to a list of common ones in the open threadt the other day/ try Google?

    Pics- copy to hard drive and then load to a host. I use photobucket .com.  They give you the html below the picture. It's the middle bar. Just copy, and paste where you want it in your text.  Caution. Re-size if necessary, to be kind to dial ups, and so margins are not busted. Mostly anything under 25 bitty things works for me.  You can put it in the post and preview to see if it is a good size.

    I think you just have to learn when the 'scheduled' diaries appear. Karateexplosions has a mailing list for the Scotty Show. You can also subscribe to individual diarists, and put them on a list on your page. Click the little + next to their name.

    Best to write in Word, or other program, and then post the whole thing, putting in your links at that time, and any pics. That saves a lot of head banging when the wonky power lines flicker the power and eat your diary.

     Firefox. If you don't have it, get it. And the cool right click extension that lets dolts such as myself do this...



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