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  •  Thanks for the welcome! (4.00)
    I have been reading this site for approximately a year with quite a bit more frequency the past few months.  I have a tendancy to gravitate to the scandal-related diaries, and am always amazed by how much more in-depth you folks are over the corporate news business.  So much has proven to be true, and I feel blogs in general have been having a real effect in keeping the "mainstream" honest.  Still much work to be done, of course!
    Anyway, after all the lurking I decided to become official this past Saturday night.  Just legal to post last night, and this is my 1st.
    I am a 40+ year old woman, living my whole life within 50 miles of Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately my interest in politics has only peaked in the past 2 years, and I now spend quite a bit of my time researching what I have missed.  Yes, I do have a tendancy to wear my tinfoil hat many days...but you all don't have to worry about being exposed to my theories.  I am not a writer and not particularly well-educated so I will be sparing you for the most part :-)
    I did spend a few months working with MoveOn previous to the '04 elections.  That was quite an interesting experience in my very red part of PA.
    The dems are out there but seem to want to keep their politics to themselves. The republican presence is just so overwhelming...
    One of the exceptions is the editor of our local newspaper, Rick Schwab, who very infequently shows a liberal-slant to his Generally Speaking column.  Just mentioning him because I want to share a few of his predictions for '06 that I found rather funny:

    *The war in Iraq will be successfully concluded;   the U.S. troops will all come home, and Rep. John Murtha will be named Secretary of Defense.
    *President George Bush will apologize for illegally spying on American citizens without a warrant, and Ramsey Clark will be appointed Attorney General.
    *A Hollywood shocker wedding-Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise!  (have to laugh at that one!)
    *Following Dick Cheney's indictment and subsequent resignation (and retirement to Ligonier), Condoleezza Rice becomes vice president, and Sen. John F. Kerry is elevated to Secretary of State.
    *Cheney subsequently become president of the resurrected Ligonier Valley Railroad and hires Jack Abramoff as "PR director".

    So even deep in Mellon/Scaife territory all is not lost...
    So again, thanks for the welcome, and for all of the hard work that you all put into this site.  I appreciate it!


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