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  •  Hungarian Info (none)
    What exactly are you looking for?  My MIL is Hungarian and her father was a minister who helped out during the "revolution".  They lived in Budapest at the time, I'm sure of it because she was playing with an orchestra then.
    •  I would love to hear her story... (none)
      ...and her father's, or whatever recollections you have to pass on if you would like to contribute (either now or in a future diary of mine). I'm planning to post a few 'request for info' diaries in the next months as I continue my research. I'll have specific interview questions in one of those.

      If you'd like to help out in any way, I would love that immensely. I accept, I accept!

      Could you subscribe to me, so that you don't miss any of those diaries? I'm heading off to subscribe to you, too, and I've jotted your info down, too. When I post a Hungarian research diary, I'll try to find you and drop you a note, ok? Many, many thanks in advance. Hope you have an awesome day... (Wasn't this thread a riot?)

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      by ilona on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 10:01:24 AM PST

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