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View Diary: Join Me in Welcoming New Members & Readers! (443 comments)

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  •  another tidbit, FYI (none)
    You can contribute $ to this site with a paid subscription, which also allows you to hide ads. I figure $4 per month is well worth my use of this site, especially since I don't subscribe to a newspaper or magazines anymore. I've never seen anyone pressure anyone else to become a paid subscriber. After I had been using this site so much, after a while I just wanted to be a paid subscriber and contribute to the upkeep of the site. (And I like being able to hide the ads.)
    •  oops--forgot the main thing... (4.00)
      which is a big welcome to the new members (lurkers too) and a special welcome to those in military service. I glad you've all found your way here.

      I haven't been here that long myself, and I still feel a lot like a newbie. I discovered dKos before the 2004 elections, thank goodness--the people here gave me hope before the elections, helped me from sinking into despair after election day, and continue to give hope and enlighten--not to mention those who provide lots of laughs. I'm grateful to all who contribute.

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