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  •  Hey thanks! (4.00)
    for the welcome. I've been visiting and reading for maybe 9 months or so (only the NSA knows precisely how long). Before I found this site, (mentioned in some article about liberal blogs), I was quietly fuming by myself about Bush and the media and relying on the NY Times as the only check on the administration's endless waves of misinformation and manipulation. Now I go to DKos first (I'm addicted, I admit it) to find out what's happening and to find my screaming frustrations vented by people who are articulate and know what the hell they're talking about - the quality of the main articles and many diaries is amazing. How do you guys manage to do all that and keep your jobs?

    My own experience is probably the same as many others who visit here - I'm vaguely left of center on most issues and generally favor the Democrats, but I had to agree that the Republicans in the last two decades had worthwhile critiques of things like runaway government spending, over-regulation, programs that were not effective, slipping educational standards, the potential of free markets for innovation and efficiency, and so forth. So I didn't mind divided government as a sort of discipline imposed on the Democrats, whom, as a whole, have not been a very inspiring bunch.

    But then: the boy fraud and his gang of thieves and liars took over the country. You all know what I mean. And for four years all I saw was the fawning media, afraid to say a word against the king, crawling over each other to gain advantage, like the lobsters in the tank at Red Lobster, repeating each other's vacuous conventional wisdom as piece by piece, our country was being run into the ground. Where was everybody? Wasn't the evidence clear of what was happening, even in the bits and pieces dug up by the NY Times? But nothing. Not until Howard Dean dared to speak against the king, and suddenly millions of us dismayed at what we were watching happen to our country had a voice, and an opposition was born. And now this is its center.

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