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  •  Another thing I've noticed (4.00)
    (Glad you can post again). Another thing I've noticed is that when one of the admins is uploading a front page article, everything goes into "hang" mode. What I see in my status bar is the info: "Waiting for". Sometimes the wait can be as long as ten minutes.

    Ten minutes may not seem like a long time, but if you have been actively posting and rating and refreshing and all of a sudden you are suddenly left "hanging"... if find it is always because the front page was being either edited or posted to by one of the front pagers.

    We have a new group of front pagers this season (a wonderfully talented, intelligent group) and it might be that they are a little bit slower going through the functions of updating the front page than the equally talented, but much more practiced crew, who stepped aside just a few weeks ago.

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