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  •  I love this site (4.00)
    I, too, mostly lurk. I think having all this great information to combat the right is STUPENDOUS. Now I can really argue effectively with those rightwingers that I know. Smiting them with facts is so satisfying. I have two questions: What does n/t mean? and I live in Cleveland, Ohio in the eastern time zone. The time stamp on this site says PDT. I thought that was 3 hrs. different, but it is only 2. What's up?
    •  n/t (none)
      FAQ :: What does "[N/T]" mean?
      That's just an indicator to say "there's no text in this message", so don't bother clicking on it...

      I don't want to encourage messages with no content to them, that will make the Message Boards BORING...

      <  according to Jeeves ,, >  and ,,  I love the
      <snark> thing after a witticysm ,, being mistook
      only makes for diaphoresis. <askjeeves>

      ya'll behave naow,, yaheah ? Panama City writes,

    •  time zone (none)
      You can change the time zone to match where you are on your "KathyK page". There are other preferences you can set there, as well.

      Either that, or you can keep up on your math... If a train leaves Cleveland at noon and travels - eh, nevermind. :)

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