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  •  kjwldn: o/t, but link to your food blog? (none)
    Have noted your participation for some time.  Thanks.

    Former soldier. Fighting every day for my country.

    by SilverWings on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 12:10:14 PM PST

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    •  My blog (none)
      Thanks for your interest; I'm always excited to meet people who are interested in sustainable agriculture, and the good food that comes from it.  I've been blogging since last June, and as a result I'm now in contact with a bunch of farmers and cooks and people who grow chickens in their backyards in suburbia.  I've found this world of people to be a great counterbalance to the depressing news out of Washington.  There are a lot of people very committed to creating a better system to growing and distributing food, and they are doing great work starting at the smallest scale, but always building.  I still write a lot about plain old cooking (I used to be a pastry chef), but more and more I'm interested in the politics of food choices.

      At some point, I'm going to get up the courage to write my first diary about how opposition to NAIS could be a good issue for Democrats in rural states.  What's interesting about this issue  - and about food supply issues in general - is how it brings together groups that aren't necessarily seen as having a lot in common - urban foodies  and small farmers and libertarians and 4-H club members and people who object to the program on religious grounds and so on.

      The Seasonal Cook

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