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  •  more important (none)
    Anti-choice groups are lining up their ducks already. They know what this means, and they're not even pretending like they don't.

    Sunday, Hunt and other anti-abortion advocates held an event promoting their legislation. They say now is the time to pass it, because other states are considering similar bills and because with new Chief Justice John Roberts, and possibly Samuel Alito, the US Supreme Court is changing.

    Hunt says, "Two very solid, we feel, pro-life candidates. Again you never know but based on their testimony to the senate we feel they're good candidates."

    South Dakota fundamentalists are already laying the groundwork to overturn Roe, and as you can see they feel very good about their chances.

    The notion that Alito would "respect precedent" and choose not to overturn Roe is patently absurd, and every Democrat in the Senate should be pointing to this story from South Dakota as an important example of why Alito should NOT be confirmed.

    The American people overwhelmingly oppose him if he's going to overturn Roe - this ought to convince them that he will, and that his allies in the fundamentalist right-wing are coordinating with his expected confirmation in order to give him just such an opportunity.

    •  Indeed (none)
      I was just watching C-Span while eating lunch and the pro-life marchers were listening to a variety of Republican Congressmen who did not bother to speak in code.

      The crowd cheered when Representative Steve King and Congressman Pence claimed that they needed just one more Supreme Court appointment after Judge Alito to reverse Roe v. Wade.  

      •  Yes I saw part of that spectacle too (4.00)
        They do not speak in code at those rallies.
        And pay special attention to the people in that crowd. My late mother used to say far too many men were at those Anti Choice rallies. She too felt it was not Pro Life but Anti Privacy but also Anti Womens' rights.
        Notice the women, many are past menopause and apparently do not care about the rights of their children and grandchildren. I am middle aged so I can point out women who are menopausal years without sounding age discriminatory..LOL!
        And among the younger women, notice there are few women under 30 who will be most affected by Roe V. Wade. Few of these Anti privacy, anti Women's right ladies are single either. Most that I encounter are married, with considerable resources or have a few children of their own, and this Choice issue will never affect them.

        I always felt these so called Pro Life groups are not Pro Life at all. They do not include in their rallies the Call for more health insurance coverage for pregnant women, infants, children, and better schools for those unborn children.
        They only care about Life before Birth. Notice not a word about options for pregnant women who do not have the resources to keep and raise a child.

        Whereas, Pro Choice groups value Privacy, Women, the Medical community, Health insurance and good schools for children, health insurance for the mother, better jobs for women, etc.

        Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything. - Harry S. Truman

        by wishingwell on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 10:17:23 AM PST

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    •  It's about ethics, choice is a loser (none)
      The Democrats should should pick their strongest point and go with it, everyone understands basic fairness.  
    •  R U LISTENING pro choice republicans.... (none)
      any senator who claims to be pro choice, especically those in the republican party, who listened to Bush's phone call to the pro life rally and STILL votes to confirm Alito doesnt deserve to ever be allowed to claim they support women or their right to choose.

      that speech had to be the most blatant public declaration that THIS administration is hellbent to repeal ROE from the bench.  Bush practically said as much in his long list of his administrations attacks on roe and stem cell research.

      and it all comes down to power...and who weilds it in our country...ALito was nominated to shift the balance of that power to the executive so laws bush doesnt like can simply be done away with through fiat and royal declarations....and the first to go WILL be roe...after the new ussc gives bush the power he says he already has to spy on whoever he declares an enemy.

      call it whatever you like....extended debate, filibuster, obstruction whatever but Alito must not be confirmed, not now, not until the NSA hearings...not ever.

      Are you listening pro choice republicans....are you going to jump off  the cliff or stand your ground???

      "if all the world's a stage, who is sitting in the audience?"

      by KnotIookin on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 10:21:28 AM PST

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