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View Diary: Extend Debate on Alito (202 comments)

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  •  Good idea (4.00)
    I am in the middle of my calls to all 100 Senators, just finished A-H, I will call the rest of them and ask for them to consider extending the debate.  
    So far, all but two Senators offices, are keeping a tally on the calls.  Only Hatch and Graham have told me they are not keeping track of the calls, I think the Republicans would probably welcome a debate,so they don't have to make a choice right now.  All of the offices I have called today have said they are getting lots of calls about Alito, I have a feeling the media and White House have played it like this is a done deal, but au contraire there will be real hell to pay if Alito is confirmed.  
    •  It's appropriate (none)
      to extend debate since he supports executive powers that are at the center of probably the most important debate in the history of our country.
      I think a logical debate would get him voted down since he probably supports changing the balance of power.

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