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  •  Why extended debate? (none)
    I say force the nuclear option. Extended debate will be seen only as potential obstruction. Of course, being labeled an obstructionist is a badge of honor in the current climate. But the case will be made regardless.

    I say the whole point here is much larger than just Alito (as bad as he is). To filibuster will allow us to get way out front on the larger issue of checks and balance (with privacy thrown in for good measure). It will force the GOP into a really bad position of eliminating an American tradition or Alito.

    Now for those who feel that the filibuster should be preserved for future court appointments, consider who really controls when and how a filibuster can be used. Seven GOP "moderate" senators control the tool of the opposition, the filibuster. Add to that any real chance of using it on a future appointee who the GOP wants on the court. Do you really think they will not go nuclear if and when it suits them?

    "Oh the passenger, he rides and rides...he sees the things he knows are his"

    by Citizen80203 on Mon Jan 23, 2006 at 10:32:34 AM PST

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