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  •  National Defense (4.00)
    We need to try to offload Iraq onto the Arab League or the UN.

    We also need to offer contingent withdrawal of 10,000 American troops for every month the insurgents and terrorists refrain from violence and threats against Iraqis.

    •  Interesting (none)
      I hadn't heard of using the withdrawal of troops as a tactic to combat the insurgency. I'm sure it would have it's problems, but it's probably one of the best solutions I've heard to the situation as it stands now.
    •  Arab League is hoping we don't (none)
      I'll bet the Arab League is just praying we don't think of this solution, since it would potentially pit Sunni vs. Shia, nation vs nation in the Arab League army.  Very touchy, not very feely.
    •  Way, way too late for that (none)
      The Arab League and the UN will never, ever take this monkey off the backs of the US.  It is way too late for that now - I used to think like this too but having talked to folks who consult at the UN it just isn't a realistic option until the insurgency is largely quelled.  I have never heard of this contingent withdrawal plan before either, it's definitely worth some consideration.  For example 'refraining from violence' would have to be relaxed somewhat since there will never be a month in which terrorists refrain from violence against the Iraqis.  But it's an interesting idea..I just wonder whether the US government wouldn't use it as an excuse to keep forces there forever a la Israel in the West Bank.  

      Give me liberty, or give me death!

      by salsa0000 on Tue Jan 24, 2006 at 12:25:27 PM PST

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    •  Cheney (4.00)
      was just in the mideast trying to get moderate Arab states like Egypt to send troops to Iraq, and probably strong-arming them (threatening them with cuts in funds) to do it--since it seems highly unlikely at this stage of the game. And given how Bolton and Bush have alienated the U.N. and are busy gunning for strikes on Iran, the U.N. also is likely none too eager to lend troops to what is--let's face it--a lost cause.

      No eventually we will admit defeat in Iraq, just like we did in Vietnam. That outcome is by now inevitable. The problem is the Bushies can't admit defeat (they're way too arrogant), so a more sane administration will inherit this mess.

      On another note, anyone see this article

      raising doubts about the authenticity of the recent Osama tape?  

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