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View Diary: Reid Nails Bush and Republicans; w/ Video Link (117 comments)

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  •  FIVE * * * * * FOR REID (4.00)
    "Campaigner in Chief" I just love this description.  Democratic spokespersons should adopt this in their talking points.  Something to the effect: America needs more than tough talk by the "Campaigner in Chief"; it needs concrete WELL PLANNED actions to keep America safe. The one thing that the Democratic speakers fail to realize is that repetition works.  A strong, effective message needs to be repeated as often as possible so that more people hear it and it becomes embedded in the minds of the public.

    The next thing that needs to happen is for the party to find a way to successfully get their message out to the American people.  If the MSM is not going to do the job, maybe we need to start distributing handouts door to door or through the mail.  Somehow we need to get the message out to people who are not regularly involved in the process. This blog is wonderful and does quite well getting ideas going, but in order to win we need to find a way to get others involved and not just preach to the choir.

    •  Why have not the Democrats done this? (none)
      Your idea of passing out handouts door to door is great.  We have been living under a rightwing corporate media and fascist state since 2000.  The Democratic leaders know this.  And they don't care.  They still get paid their lofty salaries. They still get their egos stroked by going on CNN and MSNBC and the networks and are given their 15 second sound bite.

      But the American people are getting fed a steady, brainwashing diet of rightwing propaganda.  Any other political party with an ounce of backbone or creativity would have done something by now to get their message through the rightwing corporate filter.

      The Democrats should be out leafletting door to door, at the mall, over local access cable, hell they should be sending people out to talk to the people at the thousands of churches across the nation like the Republicans do.

      But they do nothing.  They make a few speeches, sound angry for the cameras, and then sit back and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING while the nation sinks into Fascism.  

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