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View Diary: Keep Playing 'Hardball' with Chris Matthews and MSNBC (223 comments)

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  •  Six degrees of seperation (4.00)
    Saying that two people who have never met personnally say two things that are similar is one thing,  but why nis the MSM not doing some investigative journalism into why Mohamid Atta was on jack Abramoff's Casino boat just weeks before 9-11? This is the same Jack Abrarmoff who is connected th Tom Delay, Bob Ney, Scanlan, has his former assistant Susan Ralstom working for Karl Rove, who before (11 made over 200 trips into the white house or west wing as part of the presidential transition team. I wonder why this two degrees of seperation between one of the highjackers of 911 and the leadership of our country doesn't warrant similar comment

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