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View Diary: Keep Playing 'Hardball' with Chris Matthews and MSNBC (223 comments)

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  •  Email sent yesterday to "Tweety" (none)
    Gave up watching his show long ago, if I wanna know the right-wing talking points I can read the New York Times.

    But I second all those who say that representatives such as yourself MUST speak loud and clearly, and not just REFUTE this crap but go on the offensive.  

    And to go on the offensive, you need to start BEING OFFENSIVE. Let the Pug's start grinding their teeth. Hillary had the right idea ... bash them and don't apologize! Let them spin all they want, the more they spin the more you know you've hurt them. Just DO NOT APOLOGIZE. They ARE acting like Nazis. They ARE acting like America is a plantation. They ARE cowards who let other people's children die for their profits!

    While I can't come up with a catchy "sound bite", if there is anyone who seems to channeling Bin Laden, it is Bush's buddies in the Religious Right, such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. And sometimes even Bush himself tends to get a little "Bin Ladenish", don't you think? What with claiming to talk to G-d and so forth?

    So call them on it, for crying out loud! The Religious Right sounds like the terrorists. Drop the "Comparisons between Americans and Osama bin Laden have no place in our national discourse"  well, sorry, if they didn't before those comparisons have a place now. And its the Religous Right which makes a much better fit. Dead ringers, I'd say!

    Repeat: the Religious Right sounds like the terrorists ... the Religious Right sounds like the terrorists ... the Religious Right sounds like the terrorists.

    Just say it. Over and over. Because it's true. They are like the friggin terrorists!  

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