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View Diary: The Katrina cough and S. 852, a tie to asbestos contamination? (12 comments)

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  •  Airborne contaminants (4.00)
    I would expect that mold spores are your problem. Not only are they particulate, but they cause allergic reactions that easily lead to chronic coughing.  Asbestos, unless severe, will cause problems in out years.  Both are easily assessed with air sampling gear.  Good luck!
    •  Even if that is the case, and you make a (none)
      great deal of sense, what about the out years?
    •  MOLD !!!! (none)
      Perhaps with latent contamination from petrochemicals but I'll bet it's the MOLD

      And as far as asbestos goes.... this is not a black/white issue.  

      A huge amount of "exposure" can have little or no effect in some while limited exposure can do damage in others.  There seems to be a relationship between certain types of Asbestos and things like smoking, genetic susceptibility and other factors but you have people who worked in WWII shipyards that were COVERED with asbestos regularly that NEVER had problems and others who developed clearly asbestos related issues with minimal exposure (supported by lung tissue samples).

      But New Orleans..... it's the mold.

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