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    Unfortuately, they're going to have to let Bush put someone on the court, so dumping on Bush instead of Alito isn't the solution. What Alito specifically means to the Bush regime is a better place to start. And Alito needs to be hammered on all the issues that you say he doesn't.
    •  It's Politically Smart (none)
      Appreciate the reply.

      Kennedy and others have done the hammering enough in their own way. But this is not the time to raise our flag on the moral high ground, it's a time to be politically advantageous.

      Bush has the frying pan 6 inches from his azz right now, why not make it even hotter for him?

      Bush lavished praise on O'Connor...then gave us Alito. It's almost like he's wanting the benefit of the doubt....AGAIN!!!

      We gave it to him on:

      Patriot Act
      Iraq as a whole
      High Court nominees
      No Child...

      He gives us a judge that is nothing like O'Connor.

      Now the Democrats message should be what every single soundbyte they give should be:

      "He's out of 2nd chances."

      It's the best move politically and enables Dems to wash their hands of this.

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        with your points on GWB. I think that message is important too. But they need to continue to point out Alito's downsides. I don't think enough people understand - no matter how hard they've been hitting him - just what the court with Alito would be capable of. Not so much attacks on Alito, but warnings of what the SCOTUS might be inclined to do with him confirmed.
        •  Two birds (none)
          exactly. and you can do both.

          you filibuster on grounds that all point to bush, but it also opens up more debate on Alito.

          if you can rip Alito to shreds while also making W's political life hell, than why not do both?

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