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  •  Of course not!!! (4.00)
    "Senate Democrats refuse to signal whether or not they will filibuster Alito."

    There have been way too many posts, and even diaries, today wondering why we haven't started the filibuster yet; or in deep gloom because we missed the filibuster. Enough to indicate substantial lack of knowledge about how or why a filibuster might occur (or not).

    The nomination is out there for debate - and the nominee is Bush's pick (since Bush is the President, he gets to pick - that's the way it is). Everybody gets to weigh in on why this nominee is good/bad. At some point the leadership (GOP, as it happens) says "OK, enough talk - time for an upperdown vote".

    If that announcement occurs before everybody has had adequate opportunity to say their piece; or if the opposition over the nominee is so "exceptional" that we can't possibly let it go to a vote without one last desperate and strenuous try to change the probable outcome of the vote, then filibuster may be an option. In theory, (let's just pretend) that during the next few days of debate enough Republican Senators may have, or develop, reservations about the fitness of this nominee that he will be rejected without a filibuster.

    However, if enough members believe they have not had adequate opportunity to be heard, or that the desperate strenuous last stand is required a filibuster becomes an option.
    You can't decide at the beginning of the debate that you are going to filibuster, and if you did decide it was likely to become necessary you wouldn't "signal" it. And don't forget the requirement for enough members to agree with you.

    By all means, call your 'critters'. Tell them you are violently opposed to this nominee, and all the good rational reasons why. Call them all - each and every one - including the GOP's. If you are blessed with one or more Dem Senators, tell them that if it comes down to the wire you want them to take that desperate last stand and you will stand behind them for doing so.

    Practice absurdus interruptus - Support ePluribus Media.

    by Catte Nappe on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 05:51:56 PM PST

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