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  •  about that bridge... (none)
    If I'm correct, which I may not be, that bridge was to be built near the community of Ketchikan.  I live in Texas, but actually had the good fortune to visit Alaska this past summer, and Ketchikan was our first stop.  It's a great, rather rustic little town, and the only way to reach it is by air or by ship--it doesn't connect with the road system, so in some regards it's a much-needed item.

    However, the money allocated was outrageously huge.  My bridges in SimCity don't cost anywhere near that much! (haha)

    Anyway, I can't praise Alaska enough--it was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous (but then anywhere that's not 110 degrees in July like here at home is fabulous in my book!)  If you ever get the chance to visit AK, do it!  It's truly life-altering.

    •  Road access (none)
      the bridge suggested would not connect anywhere else than another island (Ketchikan itself is on an island - however, even living on the mainland doesn't mean much up on this coast as land access might be impossible due to rugggedness of country)
    •  You must have went in July! (none)
      Alaska has 3 seasons. Winter, July and Winter. Or at least prior to things warming up, it did! ;-P

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      by baracon on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 09:23:06 PM PST

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