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View Diary: Howell and Hardball: We're Winning the Long Struggle (278 comments)

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  •  I'd sure rather keep everything civil, (4.00)
    but in fact the wingnuts and the GOP with their organized machine and legions of deranged freepers have had the traditional media terrified of them for years.  We've been nice.

    Now, it is sadly neccessary for them to be terrified of us as well.  And as BriVT describes, we've been making progress!

    Wonderful diary.

    The Republican party: An alliance of madness and greed.

    by jem6x on Wed Jan 25, 2006 at 08:36:36 AM PST

    •  what they're really terrified of (3.80)
      The GOP and their sheep have money and rage. They're afraid of the rage but even more afraid of the money.

      We have reality and (finally) rage. They're only starting to realize the anger from our 60% of the population might be a problem for them, since as has been noted they are used to ignoring and then scorning us.

      But I think what they really fear is that they are being exposed as incompetent hacks. This entire incident shouldn't be about how mean we are to poor Howell: that's her interpretation. It SHOULD be about how Howell either through malice or lazy ignorance maligned an entire party that did nothing wrong, in keeping with the MSM myth that while Democratic non-scandals involving sex or losing investments have no equivalent on the supposedly puritanical and well-heeled right, any time a Republican gets in ethical shit then Democrats must also be involved. It's very interesting how this little First Law of MSM works, and it's so reflexive that Howell didn't think twice about it. That's why I think she was so overwhelmed by the negative response. She was just going by the script, blithely unaware that no one outside of the MSM and official DC believes their crap. All these years after they got the Monica non-scandal so wrong, and they still haven't learned.

      Fine, they didn't realize then that they can be replaced. And they don't realize now that they ARE BEING replaced.

      •  Poor Howell (none)
        really did get her feelings hurt, no doubt.  She wasn't just pouting.  But unlike most of us she will be named in a footnote in future history books, as a catalyst for great change.  That should make it worth all her tears.  

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